Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pray for us

From May 14-22 I will be leading a Jesus Film Ministry Team trip to the Xela region of Guatemala. The Church of the Nazarene has partnered with the Jesus Film and pledged to show the Jesus film to 100 million people during this decade. So far, it has been shown to more than 33 million people and nearly 4 million have made a decision for Christ.

Pray for our team of 10. We will be in Quetzaltenango, Momostenango, San Juan, Antigua and Guatemala City during our trip. Pray for the people we will minister to. Pray that they will be open to the gospel message. Pray for our safety and that we will represent Christ well while we are there.

I'll try to post an update while we are there.

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Sandra Eggers said...


We certainly will pray for you. I'll also forward your post to a bunch of my Christian friends, congregation members.

In Christ,