Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm A Sci-Fi fan. I love the Sci-Fi channel, and it is probably the one I watch the most. I know it's a bit geeky, but hey, it fits.

Last week a new series, Dr. Who, premiered. Click on the link for the storylines if you want. I wanted to comment on the episode "The end of the world" which aired on March 17. In this episode Dr. Who, our time-travelling alien, takes Rose, an typical British young lady, 5 billion years into the future to see the end of the Earth, when the Sun expands. Much goes on that we don't need to discuss, but at the end Rose makes a telling statement.

She says "We were so busy saving our own lives that no one watched the end" or something to that effect. Then Rose is transported back to present-day earth and she stands among the pedestrians on a London street watching the people go about their lives. And she knows they have no idea of the coming apocalypse.

This resonated with me and the church. We know of the coming apocalypse. We just don't know the date. Yet so many of us, myself included, are so busy saving (and living) our own lives that we will miss it. And those around us will miss it if we don't do something.

I'm not advocating street-corner fire and brimstone preaching, but we do need a sense of urgency to tell others about Christ's love and how they can enter the kingdom of God right now. Not fear, but love. Urgent. pressing love that tells people that the Sovereign of the Heavens loves them. And wants to spend eternity with them.

People who have stared death in the face through illness, accident or war have an altered perspective on life. They often have a new respect for the mundane things others take for granted. Christians should be like that as well. We have received a pardon from a death sentence. And we need to show our gratitude.

God forgive us for our spiritual inaction. John the Baptist had a sense of urgency, as did Paul, Jesus and the disciples. We should have no less. Lord, help us.

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