Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Do you ever have one of those "God Moments" that just humbles you to your core? One of those times when a truth is spectacularly revealed to you or the Spirit speaks so clearly that it is unmistakeable? They are not frequent for me, but I just had one.

The Lord spoke to me through a person who told me that I am where I am for a specific purpose, and then spoke about that purpose. Without giving away details, he told me how my knowledge, skills, and gifts etc. assisted him with an ongoing issue. I didn't think a great deal about it at the moment, because I changed the subject (which is how I deflect praise) but later that night the Spirit clearly spoke to me about it.

All of the grief, trouble and heartache that put us there now pale in comparison with the thought that I was sent by God for a specific purpose and task. What a humbling thought that is to me. We came to the thought that God may be using me as a transitional figure, which, looking at my past, is a possiblity. Like John the Baptist, I may be used to end one era and usher in a new one. In many ways I hope that is not the case, because that implies a great deal of change and bumping and rubbing. But, God is sovereign and I am not


Sandra Eggers said...

Amen, amen, AMEN!

Rags, you do point the way, for many. For me, you are the Christian herald of this post-modern world, pointing your fellow Christians to culturally-relevant ways to reach the lost with the Gospel, ways meaningful to post-moderns.

With your leading -- and urged on by the words of C.S. Lewis about Christian writers -- I believe God is calling me to reach those lost. Feed His sheep, yes, but also heal the post-modern wounded.

That's quite a gift, Rags. Thanks. And praise be to our El Shaddai, Adoni yet also our Abba.

Rags said...

If I knew how to blush online, I would. :)

Thanks. I'm beginning to realize that much of my past is usable in reaching the lost of today. As I said in my Darkness post, we don't get to choose our darkness. But we must counteract it in the spirit.