Thursday, February 01, 2007

Digesting your foot

In case you haven't heard, Joe Biden tends to bloviate. This week, he violated one of the immutable laws of politics which is "When you reach the bottom of the hole, stop digging."

I don't think Biden is a racist. I do think he is someone who likes to hear himself talk. After all he is a Senator.

But what he said was incredibly stupid. He should be extremely grateful that he is a Democrat. Imagine if Trent Lott or another Republican had said that.

At least with Joe in the race, we will be treated to an unending series of interesting quotes.


bishopman said...

This episode is absolute proof of the double standard that exists. Trent Lott was nearly drummed out of town for his comments.

One thing can be said of this thing. No one really knew or cared that Biden was running for Prez before he jammed his foot in his pie hole, but now everyone is talking about him.

J.Wizzle said...

Bishopman, I totally agree with you. I actually wrote a little bit about this on my blog. With that said, I don't think he is racist either. I just don't get why Democrats are always given a free pass when they slip up but Republicans here about it forever (Trent Lott, George Allen, etc.)

Yankee in Quebec said...

Wow, twice in one week Rags and I agree! Mark the calendar! Well, about Biden anyway. Sorry guys, I don't think the Democrats are giving him a free pass, hence it is all over the news. I think the "liberal" media jumped all over him, and I wouldn't expect him to do well on his Presidential bid. And I don't feel a bit sorry for Trent Lott. Anyway, since we're all blogging about Biden, here's mine...