Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sometimes a picture says it all

Let's have a caption contest for this picture. Send your best captions in the comments section.


Rick Morris said...

6th Grade Education = $eleventy billion dollars, what, who cares!

Bike He stole from his sister...errr...wife = Free

Seeing your picture on the internet proving all Redneck jokes are truth! = Priceless

Yankee in Quebec said...

What, up here in Quebec we see stuff like that all the time! Every October, during moose hunting season, lucky hunters cut off the head of the moose they shot, and tie them to the roof of their vehicle and drive around. They even used to have a parade, where everyone got to show off their prized moose head, and elected the Moose Queen. Even better, December is caraboo season. To cut down on wind resistance, hunters cut off the legs of the caraboo from the knee down before they tie it to the roof of their truck. Imagine the downtown filled with leggless reindeer a few weeks before Christmas. Imagine explaining THAT to your kids.

Rags said...

Just tell the kids the reindeer tried to form a union and Santa got wind of it.

Either that or they had a party purge a la Stalin in the 1930s.

bishopman said...

"I must have missed the 'Deer Crossing' sign!"