Thursday, February 01, 2007

What would Jesus Protest?

Protesting is something that really doesn't trip my trigger. Maybe because I just don't get into the group clapping, chanting thing. Maybe I associate it too much with the 1960s. Who knows. But protesting does have its place. So let's play along with the question of what would Jesus protest in today's world?

The Iraq War?
The disaster in Darfur?
Sexual exploitation of Children?
Check cashing places that victimize the poor by charging usurious interest rates?
Sweatshop labor in this country or anywhere in the world?
Unequal distribution of wealth?
Enormous church buildings consuming massive amounts of tithes and offerings?
Christians who do not show love to others?

Feel free to chime in with what you think Jesus would protest. Or if you think he would protest at all. The closest thing I can come to a protest in the gospels is his reaction to the money changers in the Temple courts. And that was all about victimizing people with ridiculous charges for sacrificial animals.

Clearly Christians are to stand up for the poor, the vulnerable, and those being mistreated. And we have a somewhat checkered history of doing that in this country. But what are the issues of our day that would grab our Lord's ire?

Please, I'd like to hear your comments.

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bishopman said...

I think Jesus would protest Fred Phelp's protests.

I like what you said, "Enormous church buildings consuming massive amounts of tithes and offerings." Most of those buildings, used only a few hours per week, are a colossal misuse of money that could feed a small country.