Monday, April 23, 2007

Churches are to airports...

No, this isn't an SAT question. But if you take a listen to Reggie McNeal's presentation to the M7 Conference I attended in February, you will gain some understanding of where I am going with this. He is addressing the Church of the Nazarene on evangelism. His point is that our goal is not to make people into church people. The church is like an airport. We are the conveyance device for people into life. Jesus didn't say that "I come so that you might have church, and have it more abundantly." Many churches have lost sight of the fact that like the airport, we are not the destination. No one wants to go to the airport for the sake of going to the airport. And they get awfully restless and grumpy when they spend too much time in the airport (church) and don't reach their destination.

He powerfully argues that too often the church is asking people to accept a culture, rather than accept a savior. That we are so preoccupied with the things of the church that we neglect the things of the kingdom. We are so focused on us, that we forget the work of the Father. He pokes a great deal of fun at the church, but there is a serious message to what he says.

It is a powerful presentation that is worth listening to. My advice is to download it and fast forward to his presentation. He is the guy in a black shirt wearing a beret. If you stream the video, you can't fast forward nearly as easily. You can also subscribe to the Itunes Podcast if you want .

Listen and let me know what you think.

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