Thursday, April 05, 2007


I have to confess that this stings a little. I too have gotten caught up in the "what's in it for me" church shopping mentality. Watch the clip and comment. It is a sad indictment of what we as Americans are looking for in a place and body of worship.


bishopman said...

I remember seeing this on TV. I laughed and cried. There is much truth in it the way people look at "church shopping" (I hate that term!).

We try to sell church as though it were a used car or life insurance.

I would say that I am "extremely satisfied" with your blog.

Mike Agnew said...

I watched this video and thought that it was mainly meant to poke fun at mega-churches. We as Americans are consumeristic. It is sad to me that many churches do anything they can to bribe people into their doors so they can say they have a big congregation. I'd much rather have a small congregation of people who are there for the right reasons and are being discipled in the Lord.

Don't get me wrong. A big congregation is good. I just have to question how many are growing in the Lord and how many are just there to enjoy the coffee, hear professional style music, and connect with people.