Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The newest enemy of the planet

I don't watch the news any more simply because they cover stuff like this.

I am still trying to figure out when the moment celebrities became experts on anything other than their celebrity. We have actors testifying in front of Congress, telling us how to live our lives and save the planet.

Will someone please remind me to stay upwind of Sheryl Crow? Just in case I forget.


bishopman said...

You know she is going to use more than one square. It's like the big guru of global warming himself: former veep AlGore. His Tennessee mansion uses more electricity in one month than the average family uses in one year. (For the mathematically challenged, that means he uses more in only one year than you use in a decade.)

They are all a bunch of hypocrites.

Roy said...

At least with Gore I don't have a sense of personal funk if I am downwind, unless it comes from his hair gel.

bishopman said...

Is there any wonder Lance Armstrong dumped her?