Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Using your noggin

I know all of you have heard the recent hysteria over global warming and how we are all going to die in hell-like fireball here on earth. OK, maybe I exaggerate a little there. But I just want to encourage you to use the brains God gave you before you start radically altering your lifestyle.

Consider this bit of news. It seems that icecaps are melting and the temperature is rising very rapidly on JUPITER. Last time I checked, there were no SUV's on Jupiter or coal-fired power plants. NASA now reports that the icecap on Mars is melting. Somehow, that doesn't seem to be our fault either. But logic does dictate that if the 4th rock from the sun, and the giant ball of gas beyond the asteroid belt are warming, then we might be getting warmer since we are closer to the sun than those two planets.

It appears the sun is in a period of increased output. My friends, that is how averages are made. It is cooler, it is warmer and we come up with an average over a great period of time. Our problem here is one of perspective. We only have about 200 or so years of reasonably accurate weather data. It seems that the past 200 years were one of cooler cycles in Ol' Sol's output cycle.

So, buy more sunscreen, get a fan, and live your life. There is nothing we can do to change the sun's behavior. And the heavens were created by God. He didn't say the world will end in a clambake. He did tell us Jesus will return to the earth. And the way I read the story, someone will still be here when he returns.


bishopman said...

If the oceans rise, my property value will soar. I'll have ocean front property.

Roy said...

It's always about you isn't it?

bishopman said...

Of course. But, if the ocean rises too far, I'll have underwater property.

Roy said...

you could open a scuba and snorkeling school and dive park.