Monday, May 07, 2007


Do you ever feel sorry for Judas? Sometimes I wonder if he knew what he was doing when he betrayed Christ. He had been with Christ for three years or so, heard him teach, saw the miracles and had the chance to walk with him and learn from the Master.

I often wonder if 30 pieces of silver was really enough to make him betray Jesus. And I wonder if he knew that execution was the price of his betrayal. The account in Matthew 26 seems to give the thought that Jesus told them that he was going to be crucified THEN Judas hatched his plan. Maybe I've been to easy on Judas. Maybe he really did want Jesus to die. Maybe he thought that would bring about the violent revolution to overthrow Rome and free Israel from their pagan oppressors. We will never know what he thought. But I do feel sorry for him, in an odd sort of way.

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bishopman said...

Hindsight is a funny thing. It is always 20/20.

We live on the "other side" of those events. I think the disciples were somewhat clueless. Remember the Gospels were written years later, after they had the opportunity to digest and reflect upon what had happened. Remember he had said that he would rise again, but they were shocked when he actually did.

I once heard someone say (can't remember who or where) that Judas thought they would just "rough Jesus up" and give him a warning.