Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The least of these

My daughter Hannah (from whom I have secured permission to write this) is an animal lover. She aspires to be a veterinarian someday, is a Humane Society volunteer and has attended a veterinary camp near Cincinnati. The past few mornings I have her found running in an out of the house with cereal bowls of water for the juvenile birds that may be crippled or just unable to fly. She is trying to rescue them, despite the legion of cats in our neighborhood.

I was chuckling at her as she chased this frightened little blackbird underneath the neighbor's truck before school today. I'm thinking that "this bird has a o% chance of making it and she is going out of her way to rescue him." This despite the horrifying discovery that Bandit, our 16 month old puppy had 4 dead birds in the back yard that he was playing with and tossing in the air. We now know the origin of his bad breath.

I don't want to discourage her tender heart, but there is an element of reality that says "Stop." There is no hope, just let nature take its course and move on. Then God hit me and said "Be grateful I didn't do that."

What a thought. That despite the fact that many on this earth aren't going to make it, He poured tremendous resources into us. He gave his only Son's life for us. And the Holy Spirit has a full-time job helping us live righteous lives as He continues to call the lost to him.

This was a bit of a kick from God to the effect that there are no lost causes in His eyes. Everyone has value, and every life is precious.

I would do well to learn from a tender-hearted little girl. I seem to remember something about "out of the mouths of babes" from somewhere.

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Cris said...

It's amazing what we can learn from children. I am grateful for a loving God who will not give up hope on us. Thanks for the reminder. Great post!