Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A lesson in humility

No, I didn't have a foot-washing service. But I did have a positive lesson in humility over the weekend. For those who do not know I recently received my district minister's license from the Eastern Michigan District of the Church of the Nazarene. It is a significant step in my call to ordained ministry, and I am humbled by the honor and the office.

Last Sunday I had the privilege to preach in a friend's church so he could take the day off. And what was truly humbling was how the Holy Spirit took what I said and amplified it to speak directly to several persons in the congregation about situations in their life. It certainly wasn't my eloquence or fiery delivery (neither of which happened) but rather the Spirit of God taking the text and illustrations and showing them how God can move in areas of their lives where they are struggling right now. For some it was encouragement. For others is was a challenge. And for some it was an answer to prayer.

It is my first experience with how God takes the stuff that comes out of my mouth and uses it to build his kingdom. It's not me, it is clearly him. And I pray that I never think it is about me. I have a role to play in diligently preparing and praying, but He does the true work in their hearts. And if I ever get too big for my britches, I just have to remember that God also spoke through a donkey to Balaam.


bishopman said...

Your experience is one of those powerful things about preaching. It's a God thing.

Roy said...