Friday, May 18, 2007


The semester is finally over! I have now completed 22 of the 96 hours needed for my Master of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary. This was a different semester with the classes I took, but I wanted to share with you a neat book from my Christian Doctrine class.

Across the Spectrum does a wonderful job of taking a bunch of issues on which evangelicals may disagree. Some of them include:

Biblical Inspiration
Sovereignty of God
The Lord's Supper
Women in Ministry

and the list goes on. I give the authors credit for presenting all sides fairly without forcing the reader to a conclusion.

If you want to explore some of these issues I encourage you to read this. Each chapter is about 20 pages, and is a quick read. If nothing else, it will make you think and sharpen your arguments. It may even change your mind on some things. You never know.


bishopman said...

Congrats on making through the semester.

Roy said...

Thanks. I find that carrying 6 credit hours per semester, running my own business, having a family and a life is plenty. I'm just grinding this thing out.