Monday, July 09, 2007

Pure Joy

Over the weekend we attended the Spirit Song festival at King's Island near Cincinnati, Ohio. Spirit Song is a three day Christian music festival that is sold with an admission to the amusement park. On the last night there was a family with two little girls, about 6 and 3, sitting behind us. The older child loves TobyMac and had never seen him live. Throughout the hour-long TobyMac show, she was waving her arms, singing along and had a look of radiant joy on her face. She was in the presence of someone that she admired and adored. And it was a pleasure to watch her.

Her joy reminded me that what I saw was but a pale imitation of the joy we will have when we see Christ. We will adore and be in awe of the One who redeemed us. That is heaven to me. And I had a little piece of it this weekend.

Here is the video to "Extreme Days" by TobyMac, a song she just rocked out to.

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