Monday, July 02, 2007

The Slippery Slope

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You know, this is funny. But it also points out what happens when we take our eyes off of Scripture as our spiritual starting point. Once we move away from the Word of God as revealed by Christ and witnessed by the Holy Spirit, then all bets are off. We can say, do, or teach anything we want.

Sadly many have fallen into this trap. I recently had to do a brief presentation on Schleiermacher's theology for my church history class. I think Schleiermacher's intentions were admirable, but as the "father of modern, liberal theology" what others did with the Pandora's box that he opened has made a mess. That is unless you are a theological publisher, in which case you have made money on all the critiques of Schleiermacher.

I think I have seen someone like the Church Of Danae on TV here. I'll go watch again to make sure. Sadly, others may be watching and believing.

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