Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday was a killer

We had a fabulous time hiking on Tuesday. In the morning we hiked the Cutler Trail and a trail above Helen Hunt Falls and Seven Falls. The photos located here show some of the beauty that we saw and give an idea of how much fun Cheyenne Canyon can be. We had the great pleasure of hiking with Dr. Alan Duce and Rev. Jan Duce, professors at Nazarene Bible College and our former pastors. We visited the Duce's in 2004 and greatly enjoyed our time with them. The trail offers some spectacular views of Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canyon and the Will Rogers Shrine. It is a breathtaking (especially for a middle-aged, overweight flatlander like me) view in the early morning, and one of the many reminders that God loves beauty, and in His creation, displayed His creative genius.

In the afternoon we went to Waldo Canyon and hiked part, but not all, of that trail. It was different type of trail that offered some nice side views of Pikes Peak and the canyon. All totalled, we hiked about 8 miles that day, and by the end of the day, I was feeling it. We attended a Colorado Springs Sky Sox baseball game, and I could barely stay awake. And I love baseball. But it was a grand day, and better than any day in the flatlands where we live. I am grateful that we could come here and enjoy the magnificent scenery that is in this country.

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