Thursday, September 06, 2007

I need a little help from my friends

My is dying. Sadly, it is not long for this earth. It seems that time has caught up with the 3-cylinder engine. So I appeal to you for assistance. If you come across a car that is in reasonable shape for a couple grand, drop me a note. I'm looking for a 4-door sedan that isn't a pig on gas. I can't be real picky in this price range, but you never know.

However, I don't want any of the following :

The European beater.

The American War Wagon

I would love a low-rider, but I'm not sure the rest of the family is on board with that.

Seriously, if you come across something you might think I would be interested in, I'd appreciate the heads-up.

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Stacey said...


I'm so glad you sent me a link to your blog. I've been meaning to ask you. I've just perused September's archive and wanted to comment, but was afraid if I commented on an older post, you might not see it.

The family from the U.K. blew me away! Especially the daughter's remark "...not much of a lifestyle change, i just sit around watching T.V. like I always did..." WOW!

I'll mention your need for a vehicle to mike. He always knows of someone selling something!

Keep up the interesting stuff... i find I am now a collector of blogs. Most recently John Rister's and yours. I wonder if I'll find Jen's to add to my collection! TTYL -Stacey