Monday, November 19, 2007

A Class Act moves on

University of Michigan Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr announced his retirement today. It comes as no surprise, with all the rumors swirling around here. I wanted to thank him for things he did and did not do.

He won Michigan's first national championship in nearly 50 years.

He never had a whiff of scandal around his team.

He never threw a player or coach under the bus. He was loyal, almost to a fault.

He graduated players and made better men out of them.

He didn't go around asking for raises and holding the university hostage, as some (Saban) did.

It was never about him. It was always about the players and the University of Michigan.

He won 75% of his games. By Michigan fan standards, that is not good enough. Ask Notre Dame if they would take that. Or Nebraska.

Thanks Lloyd. The man who succeeds you will have a program in great shape. And some big shoes to fill. I have 2 kids who sing "Hail to the Victors" in part because of your success. And that makes me smile.

Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for the links and photo.


bishopman said...

Forgive me if I wrong, which is often the case.

Isn't the main question in Michigan football: Did you beat Ohio State?

Scandal-free-non-money-grubbing are few and far between.

Roy said...

In a sense, yes. But Michigan Football has never been touched by scandal, and that was Bo's obsession. He fired Bill Frieder as B-Ball coach when Frieder took the ASU job right before March Madness. Bo was heard yelling "I'll not let you bring this place down." Fisher wins national championship replacing Frieder, and later we find out about Ed Martin B-ball scandal at Michigan.