Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Carmen Sandiego has a much cooler name

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We could play where in the USA is Roy, but after the driving day, I've been in Kansas City since Sunday. I'm down here for two weeks for two modular classes - Theology of Worship and Spiritual and Personal Formation of the Minister - which occupy my mornings and evenings. My spare time, other than this afternoon, is reading, completing assignments, and occasional sleep. It's tiring but fun.

I'm pleasantly surprised by my worship class. Worship has been a struggle for me for a while, and this class has opened my eyes to some things I had forgotten as well as some new things that are making worship far more alive than it had recently been. I realize Deb should be taking the class, since she is on the worship team at our church, but here I am furiously taking notes.

Pray for us. God seems to be preparing us for something that I'm not quite sure how to describe. It's as if I feel movement but I don't know where the movement is going. I'm sure it will be a good thing, but it can be unsettling. The last time this sort of movement occurred, we didn't recognize it for what it was and fought it. I'd like to avoid a repeat of that. Walking in stride with God, neither ahead nor behind, is my goal. But its not easy.


bishopman said...

Be sure to eat some BBQ.

I'm getting ready to head to my second class tonight. Fascists, Socialists and Dictators, Oh My! Such is the history of 20th century Europe.

Roy said...

That sounds like a list of people I worked with in college. :(