Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year

Last year I shared with you my resolutions for the new year. I apologize for the delay this year, I think I may be operating on the Julian calendar.

I did a reasonable job of keeping my resolutions from last year. I do note progress in being more accepting of my Christian brothers and sisters who worship in a different manner. My Theology of Worship class that I am currently taking will help with that as well.

Here are my plans for the new year.

1. Continue to plow ahead with my seminary education. I transferred to Nazarene Theological Seminary this year and am taking 8 credit hours this spring. At this pace, by this time next year, I will be nearly 50% done with my MDiv degree.

2. Actively begin seeking a formal ministry role. This February I will have the opportunity to renew my ministry license. With the progress on my degree and my second year of licensure, I need to begin looking at ministry opportunities that will count toward the experience necessary for ordination. I'm not sure where or when to begin this, but I do know that the Lord is moving me in that direction.

3. Find ways to impact the community around me. It may be as simple as helping my neighbors and sharing the love of Christ with them. It may be more complicated than that. But I will do what God leads me to do.

4. Be more intentional about sharing my ministry call with my family. My wife and kids will play a huge role in how the Lord uses me in ministry, and I want them to be fully on board with what the Lord is calling us to do.

I have a lot of optimism for this year. I pray that the Lord will continue to be central in my life as he calls me into a new phase of life.


Stacey said...

Do tell, brother Roy, How do you worship differently?

Roy said...

I have gained an appreciation of more formal styles of worship such as the Lutheran and Orthodox traditions. I now see how God is glorified in them, where I once saw a staleness.

I see the value of reciting creeds corporately and things such as responsive reading. I'm also very curious about preaching on a lectionary cycle, which may be something to consider as I move into ministry.

God has opened my eyes and lessened my arrogance on many things, but worship is one where I really feel his hand moving.

bishopman said...

I have never been much on resolutions, mostly because I never keep them. Congrats on doing it and following through.

Don't worry to much about #2. Not the license part, but the "official" ministry role. It will come with time.