Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One church I would not attend

This is not helpful at all to the cause of Christ. It doesn't surprise me, but it definitely saddens me. How is casting aspersions and dealing in rumor and innuendo Godly behavior? If it is the norm in that congregation, it's another reason to stay away.


bishopman said...

Ugh! This guy is no different from Obama's pastor.

The downfall of the Church, throughout history, has been when it has cared more about petty political issues than the message of Christ.

john rister said...

You think before a Pastor puts up a crazy sign such as this or make the comments he made, he would at least do a little homework to see if comments he made stand up to truth instead of saying "I don't know" I agree with you Roy. My thought, He is not the brightest of the bunch.