Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A deep thought to ponder

I'll confess that I have shamelessly ripped this thought from another blog, but I thought it was worth discussing here. What are the issues of our day, and what would Jesus say/do about them?

Depending on who you read/listen to/watch the issues facing the world are:

  • gay marriage
  • societal breakdown
  • income inequality
  • racism
  • militarism
  • American dominance
  • lack of compassion
  • global warming
  • global AIDS/HIV epidemic
  • totalitarian states oppressing their people
The list goes on and on. In a previous post I shared some thoughts on What Are Christian Issues? that went away from the usual fund-raising issues for the religious right and religious left. It is truly sad that we spend so much money and time on issues that the Supreme Court will ultimately decide, when that same money, invested in clean water wells and medical clinics could save hundreds of thousands of lives. It is a form of navel-gazing that I just don't understand.

Somehow I think Jesus would be out healing the people, not arguing in the corridors of power. Oh wait, that is exactly what he did for most of his ministry. He led by example and worked with the willing. He dealt with the powers that be when he had to, and did address many societal justice issues beyond the money changers in the temple. I yearn for the Church of Jesus Christ to take that same role in the world today. To meet the spiritual and temporal needs of the lost, hurting, oppressed and dying with the same fervor that they pursue influence in the corridors of power. Not that the political issues aren't worth fighting for. But one really does have to look at the allocation of resources question. How many lives could be saved if you stopped mailing me stuff all the time telling me the world is going to hell in a handbasket if I don't send you $25, $50, $100 or more. Take your postage and printing money and use it as your loaves and fishes. Feed the spiritually hungry and watch the world be transformed. What an ancient concept!

I need to get off the soapbox now. Hillary, Barack and John are asking for it back. While I dismount, watch the video clip above and think about the Rebel Jesus and how He could transform your thinking and actions. I know I have been.

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