Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Earn this

In Saving Private Ryan, in the climactic battle scene shown here where Captain Miller is mortally wounded, he whispers to Private James Ryan, whom his unit was tasked to find and get home safely, the words 'Earn This." He is telling Ryan to live a life that is worthy of the sacrifice that men made to get him home after his brothers were killed in action in the war.

It made me think of the horrendous price that Jesus paid for our freedom. While we cannot "earn this" for what he did, we can live our lives in a way that honors the sacrifice Jesus made for us. The scene at the end where the older Ryan is talking to Capt. Miller's gravestone is a good reminder for us as we talk to our Lord. Have I lived in a way that is worthy of the price paid for me? That's a good introspective question to incorporate into our prayer lives.

Something to think about.

BTW - don't visit the site that sponsored the video clip. Their URL appears at the end of the clip. They seem to be a nutjob, black helicopter type of group.

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Stephen Hardy said...

One of the greatest things in this life that I have learned is that if we never lived a day for Him, He still would have suffered every piercing nail and every vicious accusation.

It was never about what we could give Him. That's the greatest thing of His never ending love.

He loves us despite what we do---even if we spit in His face. But, with a love that gives everything despite what is given in return, why would we ever want to?

With love like that, it's true that we should live in a manner worthy of the death that He sacrificed for us.