Monday, May 12, 2008

Well done, good and faithful servant

I pray that I would respond in a similar manner if I were faced with this kind of evil. Sadly, her story is not well-known around the world. But she did the work of Christ when the moment stared her in the face.

Rest in peace, sister. Rest in peace.


bishopman said...

Sadly, survivors of that era are dying off faster and faster. Soon, we will lose all first hand remembrance of that grizzly period of human history.

Let us never forget the horrors man can inflict upon his fellow man. Let us also never forget the lengths to which man can go to help his fellow man.

immersion community said...

this was a beautful story. thank-you for sharing. i am new to your blog but enjoy it. i am one member of a church community called immersion and it looks like we have similar valuse. we even used one of your images for one of our, thanks.
i just wanted to drop a line and introduce us and say keep up the good work...hope to see you around and feel free to check us out and comment on how we're 'doing' the church thing.


immersion community said...

Roy, can we add your blog to our growing community?
feel free to say no but we are trying to get some more of our shy people on to blogs since they feel uncomfortable talking in our group settings...and the more the merrier!
let us know what you think.

Roy said...


john rister said...

Thanks for blogging this wonderful story of courage and bravery. It would have been a wonderful opportunity to sit down and listen to the amazing stories she took with her. May she rest in peace.