Monday, July 21, 2008

I need deliverance

Pray for me please. I am in the throes of a terribly abusive relationship, and I do not know how to end it. I've tried, trust me, I have tried, but I can't break free of this. Please pray for me.

Who is my abuser, you ask?

The Detroit Lions.

I can't stop watching them. I'm reading preseason stories even before training camp begins. In my lifetime, the Lions have been a horrendous team. The one year they won their only playoff game since Mr. Ford bought the team in 1963, I was in South Dakota. They have been an unending source of disappointment and heartache, punctuated by moments of competence and hope, only to be dashed on the rocks of reality. Even the great Barry Sanders and coach Bobby Ross quit because they couldn't handle the losing. Yet I continue to give them my attention and affection, and they give me bupkus in return.

Watch the clip below to see a synopsis of their recent futility.

To quote Brokeback Mountain: "I wish I knew how to quit you."

Pray for me please. I'm tempted to get rid of my television, but then I'd just listen on the radio.

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bishopman said...

It's hard to follow and live near horrible sports. When I moved to KC the Royals began their slow (or was it meteoric) descent into the depths of the baseball basement known as oblivion.

By the way, there a lot of worse places to be than South Dakota.

My the Lord be with you, my brother.