Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Restore to me the joy

Psalm 51:12 - Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

My heart aches at times for the struggles I see in the world, and in the church. I see the hurt caused by unforgiveness, hatred, evil, laziness and so many other things, and it begins to weigh on me. This is my prayer as I am in the 2nd week of 8.5 hours per day of classes at NTS.

"Restore to me the joy of my salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me."

Sometimes in all of the stuff of life the joy of our salvation gets buried in the avalanche of daily living. The closeness we felt to the one who rescued us from the mire seems so long ago as we grind out our daily lives.

Today, I simply ask you to join me in asking God to restore to me the joy of your salvation. Take me back to the place where I first fell in love with you and let me dwell there for a while. Then give me a spirit to go join the fray again.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sharing the hurt

One of the things I love about coming to Nazarene Theological Seminary is the emphasis that is placed on the shared sense of Christian community. The seminary community shares its hurts and triumphs deeply, and I get a sense of that when I am on campus for my 2 week stints.

I recently became aware of a great deal of hurt being shared by my friends within the church. It pains me to see it happen, because it damages the body of Christ and hurts the witness of the church when ugliness spills out into the community. But I understand how it happens, and I grieve for those who are hurting.

Saying "I'm praying for you" can seem so perfunctory, but it is also very powerful. When we bring our grief to the Throne of Grace and throw ourselves on the mercy of God. And when we powerfully intercede on behalf of those who are hurting, we build the kind of community the church is supposed to be. It is to be a glimpse of heaven on earth. It isn't Heaven, but it is supposed to provide us with a taste of what is to come.

So I do that. I pray for my hurting friends. I pray for the Bride of Christ who doesn't need her reputation sullied again. I pray that God will redeem the situation and bring good from pain. But I wish that we didn't have to keep doing this. Some day that will come. It's just not today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Ode to the Detroit Lions

Click on the clip and listen. The chorus says it all.

Overstaying your welcome

If you haven't followed the sad saga of Kwame Kilpatrick, you can review it at the Detroit Free Press Website. In the past few weeks the sitting mayor has been in court, been in Canada in violation of his bond, been in jail, on a tether, off a tether and back on a tether. He has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and today was uninvited by the Obama camp.

It's just sad that he is so narcissistic as to stay in office in the face of 10, count them, 10 felony counts for perjury, obstruction of justice and assault. This all goes back to using taxpayer money to buy the silence of unlawfully fired police officers who discovered that the mayor was having an affair and allegedly perjured himself during that trial.

It's just sad that he is putting the City and state through all of this. If he was an honorable person, he would resign and not use taxpayer funds for his defense. The city is cash-strapped as it is, and this doesn't help.

We need to pray for those in authority. This is a disaster.

Back to the Stone Age

It seems that no matter what we do energy-wise, we are doomed. Let's just face it. We need to go back to a pre-industrial revolution lifestyle so that no one can damage the planet or be damaged by any of the modern technology that we are so dependent on.

To wit, I've listed some of the problems with the current and future sources of energy that are being bantered about.

Wind turbines chop up birds and cause medical problems
. So much for the "clean, renewable" source of energy. Not to mention that they are unattractive.

Ethanol raises food prices and is inefficient. There goes the Iowa farmer subsidy program. Thank goodness the presidential candidates won't be back there handing out our money for a fuel that is less efficient than gasoline. And I don't see large amounts of acreage dedicated to switchgrass.

Drilling for oil on our coasts would be a catastrophe. So much so that Nancy Pelosi won't even allow the House of Representatives to vote on the issue. Just discussing it would cause harm.

Nuclear Power is fraught with peril. Didn't we all see The China Syndrome? And what to do with the waste since Harry Reid won't allow the Yucca Mountain containment facility to be built.

Hydroelectric power destroys fish habitat. Salmon can't migrate past those massive dams.

Coal causes global warming. And we know Al Gore and his private jet are running around showing his movie and Nobel prize to remind us of that.

Solar power technology is not there yet. Presumably because Big Oil has the secret formula locked away with the 100 mpg carburetor somewhere in their vault.

My advice to you all is to go buy some land and livestock, and begin reading the Little House on the Prairie books for advice on how to live. If the politicians get their way, we will all need to step into our "Way Back Machine" and dramatically reduce our energy usage. Learn to cook over a wood fire and use all-natural materials. The 21st century is calling.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Too much sex on TV?

Sciencebase Image

Duh. But it's the wrong kind of sex, according to a recent study. It seems that a majority of the sex and innuendo so prevalent on television is extramarital or kinky, not sex between married partners. I'm not prone to conspiracy theories, so I don't think this is some grand Hollywood conspiracy to destroy the country. But I do think it is indicative of the morality of Hollywood, where marriage is a disposable item and the hook-up culture is all the rage in the tabloids.

I'm grateful for the parental controls on DirecTV. At least I can somewhat control what programs my kids watch. Commercials are another matter, and there are plenty of suggestive and racy commercials out there as well.

It's tough raising kids in this environment. It really is.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Fodder for a political season

Go to the World Clock and look at any number of statistics that are fodder for all sides of the political discussion. The Malaria number bothers me because it is preventable, but the weapon of choice is illegal. The people who contract it do so only because of their geography and socio-economic condition, not any behavior of their own.

Comments are always welcome.