Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to the Stone Age

It seems that no matter what we do energy-wise, we are doomed. Let's just face it. We need to go back to a pre-industrial revolution lifestyle so that no one can damage the planet or be damaged by any of the modern technology that we are so dependent on.

To wit, I've listed some of the problems with the current and future sources of energy that are being bantered about.

Wind turbines chop up birds and cause medical problems
. So much for the "clean, renewable" source of energy. Not to mention that they are unattractive.

Ethanol raises food prices and is inefficient. There goes the Iowa farmer subsidy program. Thank goodness the presidential candidates won't be back there handing out our money for a fuel that is less efficient than gasoline. And I don't see large amounts of acreage dedicated to switchgrass.

Drilling for oil on our coasts would be a catastrophe. So much so that Nancy Pelosi won't even allow the House of Representatives to vote on the issue. Just discussing it would cause harm.

Nuclear Power is fraught with peril. Didn't we all see The China Syndrome? And what to do with the waste since Harry Reid won't allow the Yucca Mountain containment facility to be built.

Hydroelectric power destroys fish habitat. Salmon can't migrate past those massive dams.

Coal causes global warming. And we know Al Gore and his private jet are running around showing his movie and Nobel prize to remind us of that.

Solar power technology is not there yet. Presumably because Big Oil has the secret formula locked away with the 100 mpg carburetor somewhere in their vault.

My advice to you all is to go buy some land and livestock, and begin reading the Little House on the Prairie books for advice on how to live. If the politicians get their way, we will all need to step into our "Way Back Machine" and dramatically reduce our energy usage. Learn to cook over a wood fire and use all-natural materials. The 21st century is calling.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.


bishopman said...


The stone age would be wonderful. Living in caves. Being in "harmony" with nature, or is that just our Native American brethren.

Just think....malaria, yellow fever, and (my favorite) the plague.

If we go back to the stone age, can I club my wife over the head and drag her back to my cave? Ugga, ugga!

I also heard that the car companies stopped the production of an electric car that can go some crazy huge distance. Some guy I work with keeps riding that one.

Would we rather live with auto exhaust, or the "exhaust" from the horse and buggy days? (I can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed canned ravioli--or something of the sort--to that horse.)

It's enough to drive one mad. Sorry to rant on.

Stacey said...

Roy, Where did you get the pic of my kitchen? As a matter of fact, I am canning peaches as we speak!

Instead of trying to swallow the whole problem, why don't we start with baby steps; like riding our bikes or walking when possible, not purchasing bottled water, turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth, composting,and STOP using pesticides and fertilizers, to name a few.

Then we can move on to raising goats for fresh mozzerella! That's my next ambition at the moment! I can use less diesel by herding these animals with my horses, as they prefer the woody weeds that horses can't eat. No more pasture mowing and fresh cheese to boot!!!!

Roy said...

You know, we could just go study the Amish. They seem to be getting along pretty well in a pre-industrial sort of way.

Shipshewana here I come.