Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Too much sex on TV?

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Duh. But it's the wrong kind of sex, according to a recent study. It seems that a majority of the sex and innuendo so prevalent on television is extramarital or kinky, not sex between married partners. I'm not prone to conspiracy theories, so I don't think this is some grand Hollywood conspiracy to destroy the country. But I do think it is indicative of the morality of Hollywood, where marriage is a disposable item and the hook-up culture is all the rage in the tabloids.

I'm grateful for the parental controls on DirecTV. At least I can somewhat control what programs my kids watch. Commercials are another matter, and there are plenty of suggestive and racy commercials out there as well.

It's tough raising kids in this environment. It really is.

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andrew said...

Hate to say it but maybe the only option for Christians in today's world is to turn-off the TV entirely. I used to think things like football games were safe but commercials during those are worse then any other time. So, my wife and I do not have cable, barely rent movies and have decided that the TV is not worth it. To be honest give it a month and you will not miss it.