Tuesday, September 09, 2008


No Mas! No Mas! Please stop!

All of you well-intentioned souls out there who are sending me email breathlessly spouting "Obama is a closet Muslim" or "Palin is a racist" allegations. Please stop. I really don't care and I throw them away. Most any email I receive that has more than one FW: in it is automatically discarded. I've come to realize that most of them (90+%) are factually inaccurate if not downright slanderous.

This article leads to a site you can use to check your political rumors before you share them. This particular article is about Ms. Palin, but there are links to the Obama rumors as well. It bears a very poor witness on us as Christians if we are knowingly spreading slanderous and/or untrue information about someone. It seems to be breaking the Commandment about bearing false witness against our neighbor, at least to me.

So I ask that you at a minimum remove me from your list. I would encourage you to examine your heart/motives/facts before you send them. It is the Christian thing to do.


Yankee in Quebec said...

But Roy, how can you be sure that THIS article you posted is any more accurate than any of the other things surfing the net? What or who can we trust anymore?

Roy said...

Sadly this is true. The media has become so partisan that it is nearly impossible to tell what is objective reporting and what is opinion anymore. I really don't watch TV news anymore, I read 1 Detroit paper and the local daily fishwrap, and check a variety of internet sources. But it is extremely difficult to tell what is the truth.

Anonymous said...

So if you can't trust the media and it is extremely difficult to tell what it is true then that makes it even more important not to pass on allegations about public figures.

Just an observation.

bishopman said...

My favorite Obama one is that he will ban the Pledge of Allegiance.

I, too, toss out e-mails with the "FW:" prefix.

Sadly, though, many will vote based on utter nonsense. I think all of this shows our nation's astounding lack of literacy and logical skills.