Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pray for this church

I recently returned from 2 weeks on campus at Nazarene Theological Seminary for my next round of module classes. I'm nearly 1/2 done. Woo Hoo! While I was there the Lord impressed upon me the need to pray for each other, especially for those who are already in ministry. So I asked my classmates to share any requests that they may have with me and I would post them here.

Jeremy Smallwood is one of my classmates and he is on staff at the Selinsgrove Church of the Nazarene in Pennsylvania. He asked that we pray for the following:

Pray for our witness to students from Susquehanna University, who are returning and beginning classes this week. Ministry to transient college students is hard, but we have an obligation to them due to our close proximity. Pray for God to give wisdom to the pastoral staff and church participants in taking advantage of opportunities to reach out.

Will you join me in praying for Jeremy, his congregation and his mission field? They have a tough assignment, but one that God can see them through. Our prayers will provide them with power, guidance and a clear field as they advance the kingdom of God.

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