Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When God moves in

Sometimes in the midst of all of our doing, God moves in and does something that just grabs your attention. Our church has had an evangelist here since Saturday for revival services. We've been praying for months for these services and the Lord is honoring our prayers.

Last night we anointed people for healing. You know my disdain for the charlatans of the world who are out there duping people for money with their healing act. But I witnessed with my own eyes a man awaiting knee surgery lose the pain and gain the ability to jump up and down, when he could not walk without pain prior to that. I also witnessed a woman who was barely able to sit up be healed and was bouncing around the sanctuary after the service. I know both of these people and believe that what they are feeling is real.

Thank you Lord for bursting in on our lives when we need it. It is awesome to watch.

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