Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jumping to conclusions

I should remove this exercise from my fitness regimen. I'm really good at it and it usually gets me in trouble. Whether it is making a decision based on incomplete information at home, church, or work, I'm learning to wait before drawing conclusions.

Last weekend I had a humorous example of this. I went to my local Kroger store. As I exited my car, near the cart corral, I heard someone talking loudly. As I walked toward the store, I saw a disheveled man gesturing wildly and talking loudly. I thought "Great, crazy guy in front of the store hassling people." I gave him a wide berth and headed toward the door. I noticed his clothes were torn, he hadn't shaved in days, and he was ignoring everyone around him as he did his thing.

But as I passed him I noticed that he had a bluetooth device in his ear. He wasn't the crazy guy in front of the store. He was the really loud phone talker who seemed to think that if he shouted it would make his phone work better. He may have still been a little nuts, but he certainly what I thought he was on first glance.

I'm getting ready to preach this Memorial Day weekend. I'm spending more time with my text, because I kind of jumped to a conclusion when I first read it. I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit is telling me to alter my direction with the text. Preaching is like life in so many ways. We accomplish so much more by listening than we do by talking and rushing into things. This is an area where God is still working on me.

Pray for me.


JoAnn C Bastien said...

I am praying for you as you get ready to preach. Let me know your text. BTW, do they record it and post on your website? Blessings

Roy said...

Mark 10: 13-16 is the base text but I will spend some time in 1-12 and the story that follows.

We do not record our messages. Sorry.