Monday, June 08, 2009

Let her grieve

Amid the discovery of what is believed to be Nevaeh Buchanan's body, the attention has turned to potential suspects. Amid this speculation, it seems that some are blaming the mother of this girl for her tragic death. We have no idea who did this, and if her mother was involved. I don't believe that blaming the mother without all of the facts being in is productive at all. This woman and her family need to grieve. If any of them were involved, there will be ample time for accusation, scorn and recrimination when that is announced and proven. If they are not involved, we have added to their grief and denied them the space they need to grieve the loss of a precious little girl.

My advice is to wait until the facts are in before we start pointing fingers, rendering judgment and condemning people. Until then, let's share in their grief and show God's love to this family that is experiencing unbelievable pain.

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Rob Swick said...

Christ Came for the the Sick, the mentally unstable, thieves, and even a woman who made some bad choices about the men in her life (I think he addressed it personally with the woman at the well). Its all too often we who brand ourselves as Christians forget that. I completely agree with you Wise guy.