Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do about illegal immigration

The recent Arizona law allowing police to check the status of illegal immigrants has once again brought a vexing issue to the forefront.  What should we do about the flood of illegal immigrants that are in our country and continue to pour over our borders?  The federal government response has been feckless at best, and Arizona is taking steps to secure its own borders and get some kind of control over the people who are overwhelming.

Last summer I wrote this paper on the issue, and I think it is worth revisiting.

When Doing Good May Be Breaking The Law -

Christians are in a particularly difficult spot with this issue. We are commanded to look out for the "least of these" and we are also commanded to obey the law.

I encourage you to read the paper and offer your thoughts here.  It's not that long and an easy read.  But is is a vexing issue for our country.

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Rowan Moses said...

The only law that we Christians are to follow is the law of the cross of Jesus. We are not to be slaves of the laws of the state but we should acknowledge the goodness in it (if there is any). Hitler quoted St Paul (be ye subject to authority.....) to get the German Christians to support him. So it is controversial to support the state that exists because of the discourse of modernity which is the enemy of God's kingdom where the "least among us is the greatest...."