Sunday, November 23, 2014

The social nature of smoking meat

I never realized how social smoking meat was until I built my smoker. Today, the principal of our school stopped by (I am smoking pulled pork for a faculty lunch on Monday), 2 kids from my classes came by to see the smoke, a lady from church put a small brisket and turkey breast on my smoker, my neighbor brought over a pork loin all while the butts were smoking. 

There is something about gathering around food that is cooking, especially food that cooks slowly.  It gives you time to converse, to relax, to appreciate each other as you wait for the mouth-watering goodness that is about to happen.

I truly appreciate all those who made this possible - Tim with his welding and sandblasting expertise and friendship.  Steve and Steve, with their mechanical know-how and willingness to put up with me making it up as we went along.  Rachael, for having the idea of getting, no, building a smoker.  Deb, for putting up with the goofiness and the seemingly endless amount of wood that keeps showing up.

Below are some pictures of Steve and Steve with our progress and the finished project.

Day one

 Finally getting close
 You have to love the night-time cutting action
 measure twice, cut once, I think
Playing with big boy toys
 The inside view.

 She is so ugly she is almost cute.
 Steve, Steve, and me with our trial smoke
 Today's production.  2 pork butts, a turkey breast, a brisket and a pork roast.

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