Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I promise I will stop on the UM/OSU/Florida fiasco. But read this. It seems that the University of Florida trumpets their rematch against FSU that gave them a national championship in 1996. They lost their last regular season game to FSU (Sound familiar) and then beat them in the Sugar Bowl.

Enough, I'm done. But what amazes me is that Urban Meyer can do this with a straight face. He should run for office.


bishopman said...

It doesn't matter what happened 10 years ago. It only matters what happens now.

Division I-A college football needs a PLAYOFF. This year illustrates that more than anything. There can be no legitimate champion until there is a playoff. Every other level of football from Pee-Wee football to the NFL has a playoff.

Rags said...

But in the absence of a playoff system, this is what we have. For him to be running his mouth off about someone doing the same thing his school did is hypocritical. Until we get a playoff, we will have this sort of nonsense from morons like Urban Meyer.