Friday, January 05, 2007


What does genuine Christian accountability look like? It has been talked about for some time, especially since Promise Keepers made it an emphasis for their men's groups. I've been in accountability groups where guys were forced together, and they never seem to take off. It seems kind of like an arranged marriage, and we were doing a kabuki dance around the issues.

I've been thinking about accountability lately. For many people accountability is all about confessing our sins of commission to each other in order to stop committing them. Promise Keepers made a huge push on the issue of lust and its traveling companion pornography. Both of these are common issues for men in our hyper-sexualized society. There is value in that. But I fear that many stopped at that point.

I've been wanting to start a Renovare group at my church, but that didn't happen last fall because I was asked to chair a capital campaign. I'm still kicking that idea around and looking at the type of accountability it offers. I need to have accountability for my sins that recur. But I also need to be called on the carpet about how I am growing in the faith. How am I integrating my faith into action? Am I living the faith or just reading and talking it? Where did I meet God this week? What did I learn? What didn't I learn? These are measures of accountability that also need to be taken into consideration.

If any of you have any good experiences with accountability, please share them. I am honestly working through this issue and would love to hear your examples. You can post them as comments or email them to me. It's your call.



Sandra Eggers said...

Wow, Roy!
I love the irony of the juxtaposition between Renovare' and a capital campaign. Knowing how you have very dry wit... :-)

That aside, I commend you. I clicked on the Renovare' link. WOW. I'm going to share it with my elder, who is trying to get a small group started.

Kurt & Cathy said...

As you know, accountability is a huge aspect of my spiritual life, too. It's taken many forms through the years - one-on-one, goal-oriented accountability; support group/open forum accountability; structured, we're-here-for-one-purpose-and-that's-to-hold-each-other-accountable accountability; I could go on. In fact, do you remember the scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba was talking about how many ways you can cook shrimp? I think I've done accountability in that many ways, too. It's tragically elusive, though - especially the kind of accountability that really, truly influences your life. If you're interested in my own questions about this topic, check out this Ooze discussion thread I started: