Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Game on!

It is now officially the presidential election season. Aren't you excited? I know I am so looking forward to 2 years of endless analysis, talking heads, Chris Matthews interrupting people, and everything being a calculated political decision. Can I move to Fiji?

Soon we will be treated to the Clinton attack machine subverting all opponents. It appears that Barack Obama may already feeling that pain.

But the more interesting race to me is on the Republican side. It involves the religious right and whether they can support a conservative like Mitt Romney, who happens to be a Mormon. Americans tend not to elect Senators to the presidency (Kennedy is the exception in the past century) and Governors have management experience. But Romney's faith may be an obstacle, that opens the door to Rudy Guiliani and John McCain, both of whom have issues with the religious right.

I'm not nearly as political as I used to be, because I have learned that all politicians disappoint, because they are human. But this will be a fascinating test for the right. Do they hold to their religious values or their political ones.


bishopman said...

You can only move to Fiji if you take me with you.

Cal Thomas said something to this effect: Our redemption is not going come on Air Force One.

Normally I am not for cruel punishment, but can we gag Chris Matthews.

Rags said...

Can we just make him watch his show to 24/7 for a week? That might be more effective than waterboarding.