Friday, January 26, 2007

Missional Churches - Concluding thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed the missional series. I know that thinking about what makes a church missional has been good for me. I'd like to conclude with a few thoughts.

Don't get hung up on terms. Missional is a mindset, not a form. I know in Christianity we love to classify people and groups. Emergent, post-modern, missional, liberal, charismatic, mainline, fundamentalist. Labels help us understand, but they also limit us. Focus on what a church is doing, not what it calls itself. If the majority of their activity is internal, that may not be your place if you are a Great Commission -oriented believer.

Since this is a relatively new concept in the Christian vernacular, expect a great deal of turbulence as the concept progresses. As the Church emerges from the Constantinian era, there will be a great deal of turbulence, much like the post-99 theses era. Apply a great deal of grace to your thoughts during this time.

Finally, think about how you can be more missional personally. Search the scriptures and let the Spirit speak to you. Here are some blogs dealing with missional concepts. Read them if you want.


Missional Jerry said...

excellent posts thanks for your work!

Rags said...

Thanks. I'm sure the topic will resurface.