Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our denominational identity

Bishopman has a good post on the internal discussions within the Church of the Nazarene regarding its distinctive doctrine of Entire Sanctification. I'm not going to go into a discussion of the doctrine, except to note that it is the reason the Church of the Nazarene exists. In the 19th Century, the Methodist church tried to distance itself from the doctrine, and the Holiness Movement was in large part created by a bunch of churches that held to that doctrine and wanted to create a church featuring that doctrine.
Sharktacos has a nice review of church history and how there have been groups distinguishing themselves as time passes. I hope that the Church of the Nazarene can peacefully work out these doctrinal issues without a major schism that creates another denomination. The doctrine has been around for a long time. I concur with Bishopman that an update of the methodology is probably in order.


bishopman said...

We certainly do not need yet another denomination. I do not think that will happen. Although churches have split over less.

The discussion isn't so much about whether to have the doctrine, but what the doctrine looks like in real life.

It certainly should be interesting.

Tim Bail said...

I guess so. The Free Methodist church still belives in Santification that s the difference between the united medhodist and the free methodist. The United brothern church had a big spilt about 50 years ago over this very topict and the one's that left the UB Church came to the Free Methodist. Tim