Friday, September 28, 2007

Watching a slow-motion train wreck

Due to the utter incompetence of our elected officials in the once-great state of Michigan, our state government will shut down on Sunday at midnight. They have known about the $1.75 billion hole in the budget for most of the year if not longer. But rather than deal with the elephant in the room, they have chosen to engage in a months-long kabuki theater of the absurd. Just for fun, I have links below to some of the local newspaper commentary on the mess that is Lansing. Michigan is the Titanic, and they are the band.

Governor Jenn Jenn issues 35000 layoff notices

Foolish Politics ruins state editorial

Casinos can stay open Yippee!

Day of Reckoning? Hardly

Be grateful if you live somewhere else. The Banana Republic of Michigan is going dark this Monday morning.

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Cynical Synapse said...

I'm in awe of how succinctly yet inclusively you've captured the whole mess that is Michigan's budget disaster! Well done, Roy!

Michigan is one of only 11 states with a full-time legislature and their pay is the 2nd highest in the nation. Despite this, they still couldn't get the job done even with 9 months to work it. In most any other job, being totally inept gets you fired. I hope Michigan's voters remember this next election and vote every last one of them out of office.