Sunday, September 09, 2007

When Time passes you by

You become the Michigan football team. One week after a humiliating loss to a Division 1-AA school, they get pounded by Oregon at home. I credit Bishopman for calling me out on this yesterday. It appears that the modern version of football has eluded Michigan's coaching staff. Every time they see a spread offense and a mobile quarterback, they struggle. It's been that way for nearly 10 years, since Donovan McNabb did them in when he was at Syracuse.

I think it is time for a change at the helm. And please, do not promote any of the current staff to the head job. We need a winner in Ann Arbor to offset the mess that is the Lions.


bishopman said...

I lived close enough to bungling, inept football teams in my life. Our local college team is on the upswing after several years of lousy leadership.

Nicodemus 33 said...

Change of leadership? No way... things will turn around for you. Of course I am a buckeye and am able to see things not through rose(bowl) colored glasses. But the tostito's do tend to cloud the vision, I think it's the ohio corn. Ha!

BTW nice blog.

Roy said...

Lloyd has become your John Cooper. You don't want him to leave.

Thanks for comments., Stop by again.