Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who are the bigots?

I always thought the Republicans were cast as the racists in general elections. But thanks to Geraldine Ferraro, that may not be true. It seems that Ms. Ferraro, a member of the Clinton campaign, said that if Barack Obama were not black, he wouldn't even be in this position. Hmmm.

Is she saying that her party is potentially nominating an unqualified candidate because he is black? I shudder to think of the furor if a Republican said that. But they seem to have more sense than that this year. I wonder how she would have reacted if they had said her gender is what put her on the ill-fated 1984 Democratic Party ticket.

Thanks Geraldine for showing your true colors.

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Rick Morris said...

Perhaps I will take a lot of heat for this comment, but I do not see her point being a stab at anything. The media has done a lot of talking about race and gender because for the first time a Black Man and a "Somewhat" Woman type, better put, Monica's Boyfriend's Wife, is trying for the nomination.

I do believe that there is some undue press because of this. You see it in corporations and universities all the time today, Affirmative Action is our friend. I mean no ill will toward any class. She may not have said it very well, but DO think that media takes things out of context and runs with it. Imagine if we do that with the Bible...oh wait we do, that is why we have legalistic churches, nazarene's, baptists, catholics, etc...