Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A culture that glorifies death and violence.

No, this isn't about Iraq. It is about dog fighting and cock fighting, which are two extremely inhumane methods of entertainment that seem to have a following in this country. Michael Vick, one of the most talented players in the NFL has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for running a dogfighting ring and the associated gambling that goes with that. This is just sickening. It is callous cruelty done for entertainment and gambling purposes. Allegedly by a man paid millions of dollars by the NFL and the endorsement deals he once held.

I don't want to condemn a man who has not been convicted, but let me say that the video below will show you what he and his friends do for amusement. Think about that if you own one of his jerseys. This is a practice (I can't call it a sport) that trains captive animals to kill and maim each other for amusement. Nothing else. And we cheer for this man on Sundays.

I can't even begin to express the level of disgust that this dog owner has over the situation. I pray that justice will be done in this case.


bishopman said...

The NFL will soon rival the NBA as the NTL (National Thug League). Between Michael Vick, Packman Jones, and the guy from the Bears, they are well on their way.

Anonymous said...

i thank that you people can go to hell cock fighting is something that i grew up doing my dad did his dad so on and so forth now you whant to take that away from my generation no that ant happening ther always has be cock fighting and ther allways will be ill heal my birds up and go fight when i whant