Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finding Grace in the small things

I come to you today from the Millenium Laundry, where I am babysitting the washers. We had quite a storm yesterday, and are without power. The plan was to do laundry on Saturday, and DTE Energy says we may be without power until Sunday or Monday. So.... Deb and the girls are running errands while I watch the washers. We are very fortunate. There are a number of large trees and branches down throughout town, and several of them landed on homes, porches and fences. All we have is no power and some water in the basement, for which we are grateful.

This has been an interesting experience for the neighborhood though. During the story yesterday, one neighbor and I were dragging construction barrels down to cover a downed phone line. A cable company truck ripped through, snagged the wire and ripped it off the pole, rendering the barrels unnecessary.

My next door neighbor offered to let us hook our extension cords to his generator which keeps our refrigerator and freezer running. And we took the food from another neighbor's freezer and put it in our deep freeze.

The east side of the street had their power back at 3 am. Our power may not be restored for days, which is odd. But we are grateful that we are fine. And we love seeing the hand of God in the way our neighborhood interacts in a time of adversity.

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bishopman said...

I feel for you. Almost 11 years ago, we were without power for 3 or 4 days due to a freak October snow storm. We had several trees in our yard, all of which lost some branches all over our backyard. One of them ripped the power line from our house. Fortunately, none of them hit the house.